Prince Harry schools up on German

Prince Harry has arrived at the only school on New Zealand’s Stewart Island, Halfmoon Bay School, which has just two teachers and 24 students.


He’s getting the chance to see how the students, aged between five and 13, make the most of video and online technology to enhance their learning from their remote location, which is 30km south of NZ’s South Island.

The royal visitor sat in on a German class for beginners, being taught by Stephanie Michel from her home in Taranaki, in NZs North Island.

Ms Michel asked Prince Harry if he could speak any other languages.

“I learned French at school, but I’ve forgotten most of it,” he said.

The prince wanted to learn Spanish, but said his teacher told him not to bother.

“I wish I could speak German.”

Along with the four Halfmoon Bay School students, Prince Harry also got to interact with children at schools in Taranaki and Auckland.

After chatting with the German students, the prince went into another classroom where pupils performed a waiata.

Some of the students were wearing colourful crowns they had made for the occasion.

Prince Harry’s school visit comes after he joined locals at Stewart Island’s only pub, the South Sea Hotel, for its famous expletive-laden Sunday night pub quiz.

The prince, leading a team called the Ginger Ninjas, wasn’t given an easy ride by quiz master Vicki Coats, who at one point asked him for the three ingredients in Eton mess.

The 30-year-old rattled them off correctly, but it wasn’t enough to secure victory – he was beaten by a team made up of his own bodyguards.

After the school visit, Prince Harry will leave the island and be whisked away for his first substantial private time of his week-long trip.

The prince arrived in New Zealand on Saturday following a secondment with the Australian Defence Force.

He will head to Christchurch on Tuesday. His tour will also take in Linton military camp, Whanganui and Auckland.