Brisbane lockdown over boat siege

A man holding police at bay at a major ferry terminal in Brisbane’s CBD is again dousing his yacht with liquid from a jerry can, the type usually used to carry petrol.


A 100-metre exclusion zone has been set up around the busy Eagle Street pier and police and a bomb detection robot are at the scene where the 54-year-old man has moored his boat at the inner-city wharf.

However a police spokesman said the robot had only been sent down to the yacht with the purpose of making contact with the man.

Police say he called them about 5am (AEST) on Monday threatening to harm himself but they would not confirm if any explosive devices were on board the yacht.

The situation remained unresolved and the lockdown was still in place at 2.30pm.

The man has been seen holding a jerry can and a 30cm-long bayonet.

Earlier in the day, a police officer told reporters at the scene that the man had requested a bacon and egg McMuffin.

However, a police media spokesman later denied the man had made the request.

The spokesman said the standoff was related to a family issue.

The man has been seen playing a guitar onboard after police negotiators pulled back about 10.30am (AEST).

Police Inspector Shane Dall’Osto (Dall’Osto) earlier told reporters that officers hoped for a peaceful resolution.

He said the man was alone on the boat.

Fellow yachtie and friend “Mack” told reporters the man was a “lovely, lovely bloke”.

It’s possibly a call for help,” he said at the scene.

(“Although) he wouldn’t be seeking or anticipating attention of this scale.”

The riverside walkway, Eagle Street pier, riverside ferry terminals, along with the Eagle Street city area and the Brisbane River between Holman and Thornton streets are all closed.